CNET disses the iPod

CNET has an article with five reasons not to buy an iPod. The five reasons are: battery life is too short, you can’t/shouldn’t jog with it, it’s too expensive, it doesn’t record, and it doesn’t allow use of pay music services other than iTunes (they all use WMA). I actually agree with all of them, it should last twenty hours on a charge, it can give you trouble if you jog (I find it locks up after forty-five minutes if it’s on my belt or in a pocket, but works perfectly if I hold it in my hand), it should cost about a hundred bucks less, it should record, and, business model be damned, it should play WMA files so you can use Napster or BuyMusic.

Lots of people argue about the WMA thing. They think that allowing it to download from other services will wipe iTunes out, but I don’t think so. I’d still use iTunes if I could, AAC is higher quality and generally less restrictive license wise (you can play songs on three computers and burn to as many portables/CDs as you like). That said, there are some things I can’t find on iTunes that might just be up on another service and for now I just have to pirate them or buy the CD and rip it. If I want the album I do the second, but if it’s just a single song I like I tend to do the former.

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  1. NEIN

    I agree about the IPod shortfalls. It’s not easy to find a good hard drive based unit that can record well. I just bit the bullet and when with the Archos AV320 . Of course, many of those same issues can be applied to this thing, but at least it has a built in mic, and supports an external mic as well (not to even get into the video capture features or the 3MPixel digital video camera attachment).
    Haven’t gotten it yet, but soon, very soon.

  2. Waah. Another idol bites the dust. And I was so looking forward to someday scraping together the cash to buy an iPod. Now I’ll just have to spend it on beer or something instead.

    So, do you guys have any thoughts about Mac-compatible phones? I’ve pored over the iSync-compatible devices list and it looks like the set of Mac-friendly, affordable phones that don’t suck for other reasons is zero. Add a preference for Verizon and it’s even worse than zero. Arrghh!

    Plus, if I understand it correctly, iSync is so much less useful than I thought it was when I first read the hype. I assumed iSync’s purpose in life was to synchronize *software*, not hardware. I need something that can keep the bundled Mac applications in sync with a Palm desktop, with the Corporate Time calendar I use for work, and (potentially) with Microsoft Office. Just syncing with hardware is the easy part.

    Grr grr grr. I love my PowerBook, but there’s some love/hate in there too.

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