Commercial actors

It’s always strange to me when an actor shows up in multiple major commercials at the same time. Currently there’s a tall, skinny guy with a prominent Adam’s Apple who is appearing in three ads that I see constantly. Some motor oil ad where he is dreaming that he’s in a drag race, a Cricket cell phone ad, and one of the My Way eBay spots.

How does it happen that someone’s unique face just clicks with multiple advertising executives at the same time?

Update: Because of the response to this post (2 years later and still getting comments) I’ve created It’s a bulletin board, so it should be more conducive than a comments section to this kind of dialogue. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. I think it’s when their career is about to go straight in the toilet. Their agent gets on the phone and gets them spots in every oatmeal, new car and dry skin commercial they can get.

  2. Usually it’s not a coincidence. Could be the same ad agency doing all the ads, could be that one ad was made earlier, and then he came into demand, could be a bunch of different reasons. I had a friend who did minor roles in ads for a while, it’s an interesting world.

  3. Interesting. Do you guys know who I’m talking about? He’s the one singing in an office about “Buy it Now!” in the eBay ad, and he’s the guy complaining about being 100 minutes under one month, and having to pay for being 100 minutes over the next in a b&w Cricket ad.

    That second one probably doesn’t get any play in Canada. I’m guessing you guys have a whole different set of cell providers.

    I don’t think that his career is in the toilet. He’s got a very distinctive face and I’ve never seen him in anything until now, so I’ll bet his career is just taking off.

    I want to be in ads. Did you know that they get paid a residual every time an ad is shown? So if they get in some popular ad that runs for months or years they keep getting checks. Money, yummy.

  4. Yup… a woman at my mom’s office did a bit of ad work on the side, she’s in a lottery commercial for Lotto 6/49 up here, and this ad has been on for YEARS (at least 5 years, probably closer to 10 now). So every time they play it, she gets cashola.

    I know the guy you’re talking about… funny, actually, that I know him from the Cricket ads and not the Ebay ad (we don’t get that Ebay ad here, but we have US Superstations so we get US commercials on those ones :) )

  5. L Kentala

    Does anyone know who the tall skinny kid is in the ebay, verizon, etc. commercials or how I can find out who he is. He resembles my 17 year old son and I think he’s adorable. I just wonder if he’s done any movies or tv shows, etc.

  6. Nope, don’t know who he is. I wouldn’t mind finding out, though, he’s got an interesting face.

  7. Mia

    I think you are talking about Joel Moore, check out, and see.

  8. L Kentala

    YES – I think that is him – THANX SO MUCH!!! He was so cute and funny on the many commercials I was hoping he would show up in movies and tv shows – thanx again!!
    L Kentala

  9. Yep, that’s the guy. He’s been in episodes of Angel and Six Feet Under, too. I probably saw the 6FU ep, too bad those DVDs aren’t out yet.

    Thanks, Mia.

  10. Docco

    On the same subject – who is this woman that I see on every ad lately? saw her on a car commercial (Kia maybe?) insurance add, taco bell etc… Sorry for my fuzzy memory at this time, maybe someone here can pick up the pieces and help me out.

  11. Docco

    nevermind, found it… was Stacey Scowley

  12. Dana

    Can anyone identify the commercial actress who appears in the current Yoplait Nouriche ad? She appears to also be in the 2003 Pfizer Viagra ad (the “Hey, Bob” ad) and, even a 2001 Compaq Presario 800T notebook ad (the one that takes place in an airport concourse). Is she also the same actress who appears in a fall 2000 Talbot’s ad (the “We make clothes for models…role models” ad). If not, can anyone identify the actress in this Talbot’s ad? The actress(es) look really, really familiar, but I can’t place exactly where I think I’ve seen them before.

  13. Becky Blacketer

    I went to college with Joel Moore. I just find it totally awesome that I see him on TV all the time. I was floored when I saw him the first time in the McDonalds Commercial where he was the mail kid in the elevator.

    ~It is great to see someone make it.

  14. Dana

    The commercial actress appearing in the Yoplait Nouriche ad is now appearing in the Zale’s Valentine day ad (in the last segment, she is the actress on the right of the screen admiring someone’s ring). I did not know that a single commercial actor could have so many national ads of well-known brands running at the same time. Does anyone know who this prolific commercial actress is? She really does look familiar.

  15. Schlitz

    Anyone know the african-american actor with sorta big hair that is in a ton of commercials too??? In the last year, he has been in commercials for McDonalds, Budweiser, Best Buy, Kay Jewelers, and many more…

  16. kayla

    Can I have the lyrics to the latest ebay commercial sent ot my email…its The one where there is the lady and then he starts singing about necklaces n organizers and stuff!

  17. Ryan Smith

    I lived with Joel Moore in Los Angeles. His career is just getting started. He is in a new movie with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn called Dodgeball. He has a pretty big part in it. so much for his career going down the toilet, he is gonna be a huge comedian actor someday cause he is the funniest guy i know.

  18. Lisa K

    Does anyone know if Joel Moore has any other movies or tv shows coming up?

  19. Sarah Smith

    Joel has a lot of potential acting jobs coming up. You can search his name in It gives all the info there. He is also credited as Joel David Moore, like in Dodgeball, as mentioned by my husband a few postings up.

  20. Emmy B

    Who is the actress in the car commercial with the toddler kicking the back of her seat?

  21. I think it’s not a coincidence. Might be the same ad agency doing all the ads, could be that one ad was made earlier, and then he came into demand, could be a bunch of different reasons. I had a friend who did minor roles in ads for a while, it’s an interesting world.

  22. Paul

    Can anyone give me a name to the female actor who is currently featured in at least two Bailey’s commercials airing in the Vancouver BC Canada area and is featured in this ad for Canada Post:

    You can view the commercial with Windows Media Player.

  23. Katie

    Does anyone know who the gorgeous “mail delivery” guy in the new Mcdonald’s fruit and walnut salad commercial is?

  24. Pete

    I also would like to know the name of the actress in the baileys commercial and the one for Canada post.

  25. John B. Bell

    Who is the actress with the bull dog on the Nationwide commercial?

  26. Laura

    Speaking of the Bailey’s/Canada Post actress… Can anyone help settle a debate? I think this same woman is in the Twix commercial where 4 women are at a spa, one brings in a Twix bar, and subsequently gets turfed in the pool. My husband disagrees. Help?

  27. Keith in Halifax

    The woman in the Twix commercial is not the same as the Bailey’s and Canada Post commercial. The Twix actress that gets dumped in the pool is the same actress who is followed by the shoes while shopping in the Visa commercial. I would love to find out the names of both actresses.

  28. Rick

    Can anyone here tell me the name of the black woman with the big butt is in the Twix commercial? Where is she from and her acting credits and such.

  29. ja

    According to this link, girl from Baileys and Canada Post is Natalie Brown

  30. Ricky Cooper

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of the black woman in the Twix candy bar commercial who comes in the room where her husband is watching T.V. and she asks him, ” Does this make me look fat?” and he stuffed his candy bar in his mouth and starts to mumble out an answer. I would like to know her name and her current acting credits and what city she resides in.

  31. Based on this bulletin board I think her first name is Bre’ly. Can’t find anything else about her.

  32. Chelsea

    i herd that Joel Moore is going to be in two up comming movies….Art School Confidential and Dirty Love…

  33. Keith in Halifax

    This picture on her management company’s website sonfirms that Natalie Brown is the beautiful actress in the Bailey’s and Canada Post commercials.

  34. David Goodwin

    For the person who wrote;

    “The woman in the Twix commercial is not the same as the Bailey’s and Canada Post commercial. The Twix actress that gets dumped in the pool is the same actress who is followed by the shoes while shopping in the Visa commercial. I would love to find out the names of both actresses.”

    They are, in fact, one and the same. :)
    Follow this URL;

  35. Stephen

    Does anyone know the name of the guy in the new Dell commercials, where his son is naming off all this equipment that he wants, and the dad does not know what he is talking about until the kid says he wants speakers. I think he is also in an Applebee’s commercial, where him and his wife meet up at the restaurant, he asks who’s with the kids, looks over and see’s them with their grandparents. If anyone knows who this is, please send me an email at thanks

  36. Keith in Halifax

    To David Goodwin:

    Thanks for the info. When I first saw Natalie in the Twix commercial I thought that she looked like the actress in the Bailey’s commercials. But when I heard her speak I KNEW that she was the same actress from the VISA commrecial. I had earlier thought that Visa Natalie looked similar to Bailey’s Natalie, but were different. In both Bailey’s commercials and in the Canada Post commercials Natalie does not speak. Had she, I would have connected the commercial dots.

  37. Dave

    Does anyone know who the pretty girl is in the ticket window on the State Farm Insurance commercial that says:”Senior Discount”? Is she in any other ads? I found out the name of the ad is “Senior Discount”

  38. Ranger

    The girl in the Twix Commercial is named Bre’ly Evans. She lives in Los Angeles, but she doesn’t have any acting credits to date other than this one. She was a personal friend of mine but we don’t speak anymore. As far as I know she still lives in L.A. and is pursuing a singning and acting career…

  39. Rick

    Thanks Ranger. I made contact with her, Bre’ly. Her agent passed on the info to her and she called me. Her real name is Kimbrely Evans and she does live in California. Since my last post we speak often. She is a very nice person, but she advised me that since she did that Twix commercial she has got more fan mail then she can handle. Thanks for all of your help.:)

  40. pete

    Who’s the girl in the aquafina flavor-splash “casafruita” commercial? It’s really hard to find out what else these people have been in isn’t it?

  41. Mike

    Hey the black girl in the Tix commercial Kimbrely Evans is probably the most beautiful woman ive ever seen. I want to get in contact with her, is there anyway anyone can give me her email address?

  42. Mike

    The black actress in that Twix commercial Kimbrely Evans is one of the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen. I would love to contact her, if anyone would like to share her email with me please email me at Thank you.

  43. Bill

    The link for the canada post natalie brown commercial doesn’t work??? is it still up??? maybe in different spot?

  44. Cynthia G

    Uhhh…. On the subject of weird looking people doing too many nationwide commercials at one time, who is the funky looking girl that is in the, pepsi(with Gwen Stef.),el pollo loco, motorolla(phone in the dogs stomach) and now ranch Lays chips commercial???? She is what most guys would call ugly. I am not trying to be mean. It is just that she must know somebody or be the daughter of a casting agent. That is not cool and I really would rather see someone who should be in a commercial

  45. Kindra

    Does anyone know the name of the actor who is in the Twix ad with two guys in an office making fun of “Boss Harris”? He’s the blonde guy with the little puppet made out of paper. Then the boss walks in…he looks really familiar and it’s driving me nuts!

  46. foodiechickie

    Actually it is not going to the toilet. He is on broadway now in Spamalot. I saw him on Saturday.

  47. tom

    that girl in the canada post comercial is ugly, i dont understand how she gets to be in tv at all???
    NATALIE BROWN is an ugly actress, im sorry …:p

  48. Chelsea

    :( You guy’s are harsh, and shallow!

  49. lori

    YEAH!! THAT NATALIE BROWN is played… WE NEED some new BEAUTIFUL FACES!!! sorry kid your time is OVER!!! time to get a real job:D

  50. pickle

    k, does anyone know the name of the guy who works in a guitar repair shop for the juicyfruit ad, and gives the girl his ice cream in the nestle drumstick ad, and flashes the lights in the new canadian ford ad… he is short’ish and stubby, but like 25 and has dark short hair with short black facial hair… i need to know. and also the guy in the listerine commercial in the elevator where he is talkin to his boss and hes only like 2 inches away. thank u.

  51. pete

    Does anyone know who the girl in the Tic-Tac commercial is? There are about three commercials that she is in for them. Thank you.

  52. Me

    Boss Harris is Jeremy Roberts

  53. Bonny

    Does anyone know who the squeaky-voiced actress is on the new AOL commercial (where she brings food to the AOL office for being helped). I know she was once on a soap operate and am going crazy trying to figure out show she is?


  54. Stefanie

    Does anyone know who the guy was in the Staples commercial – back over the Christmas holidays? Blond hair…

  55. John Rolando

    hey, does anybody know the name of the model who stars in the recent tic tac commercials? she’s blonde and has blue eyes. She says something about not wanting to punish her breath for being bad. Thanks in advance.

  56. Lauren

    ummm, i don’t know how to put this nicely, so I won’t…ALL Y’ALL ARE W-R-O-N-G!! The guy in the ebay commercial is not Joel Moore it’s *drum roll* CHRISTIAN BORLE!!! his career is not in the toilet at all. He is now on Broadway in Spamalot and before that he was in Thoroughly Modern Millie. He’s going out with Sutton Foster who is a HUGE Broadway star, not in size I mean, in fact she’s rather thin, but in talent. I really can’t believe you people!! He is hillarious and quite talented. Now that that is cleared up, I’ll be on my merry way.


  57. Breanne

    Someone asked this a few comments ago and I’ve been wondering the same thing. Who is the kind of strange-looking girl in the ad (she’s kind of grossly eating a chocolate bar)? I think she’s also in a Motorola ad and a Lay’s potato chip ad?

    I’m also trying to find some more information on another actor in several commercials. Right now, he stars in the Oral B Brush Ups commercial (you know, “rip, zip, brush, ahhh”) and a Doritos commercial where he contorts himself into the machine. He also was the bored guy during the big VW Convertible bug teaser ad a couple years ago (it was a great ad though – very memorable). Any idea?

    Thanks so much in advance!!!

  58. luca

    NATALIE BROWN: Actress??? she sucks ass!!! doesnt she get it??? she sucks!! tv makes her look better that she looks in real life. she is what ??? 40 years old???? move on Natalie… get a real job u lazy !#$#%#$&%$!!!!!! you look soo ugly in that infusium ad.

  59. jeff

    ….does anybody know who the blonde atress is that stars in the Rolo ice cream commercial / Peek Freens cookies / some allergy commercial where she is on a date and has fake teeth?



  60. jerome

    does anyone kno who that lady in the twix commercial when she gives the guy the bar and then asks for it back and she was like all over him?

  61. gungdi

    who is the actress on the new Motorola Moto E815 commercial?

  62. shewbs

    With regards to Natalie Brown, I say “you go girl!” I don’t suppose it is easy to make it in the entertainment industry – especially when you come from Northern Ontario…For those with the negative comments – I’d like to see you try it!

  63. wowlookatmegofast

    Does anyone know the name of the black guy in the staples commerical. The song that plays is ‘Rubber Band Man’ by The Spinners. Thanks!

  64. Wheeler

    Hi, anyone know the name of the female actor that’s on the Lotto Super 7 commercial with the “racing car”? She’s also been in a Tim Horton’s add for “ice cap” and a Leons commercial as a russian spy in black leather. Thanks

  65. Tom

    Who, please, is the girl in the current Ford Advert who has just been taken for a “test drive”? She is absolutely gorgeous. I’m old enough to be her great grandfather but it’s good to know that I am not dead yet.

  66. Shed

    I’m asking the same question pickle did. Who’s the girl in the Tic-Tac commercials that looks like Angelina Jolie? If you know, could you e-mail me? Thanks

  67. Tony

    Who is the girl in the new Motorola Razor commercial. The one where the house around her minimizes into a phone. She is also on the new motorola one where she sends her husband a video of her stripping. but the guy next to him answers the phone. help!!! she is so hot.

  68. Because of the response to this post (2 years later and still getting comments) I’ve created It’s a bulletin board, so it should be more conducive than a comments section to this kind of dialogue. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

  69. By the way, I’ve answered the “Who is the girl in the Tic-Tac commercial?” question here and the “Who is the girl who strips in the Motorola e815 ad?” here.

  70. ury

    Can anyone identify the commercial actress who appears in the current Nestlé Fitness Cereals ad?

  71. coraldin

    wow…a lot of harsh comments about Natalie Brown. Sounds like jealousy actually…she’s HOT and dammit, i think she needs to be in MORE commercials or movies or shows.

  72. Joe

    Somebody tell Natalie Brown to make a site and put up hot pictures of herself!!!

  73. marko

    Regarding natalie brown, I just saw her picture for the first time and i have to say: she is NOT HOT!!
    she is what most guys would consider ugly.
    why Not be honest?? or are her friends or (herself) speaking up for her??? in my opinion she is okay… Not beautiful to be a model or actress thats for sure. I give her credit for what she has acomplished. and good luck in the future.

  74. frosty

    I’m not sure exactly who “most guys” would be defined as, but the Natalie Brown shown on IMDB is fairly good looking IMO.

  75. I gotta go with frosty on this one. She’s hot (and that is the same woman).

  76. chris

    I have to agree with mark,
    i dont find her beautiful at all… i am in the entertainment industry and she is nothing compare to the beautiful talented young girls that i have seen over the years. I dont want to be cruel but thats my opinion.

  77. david

    1. that woman from IMDB is not hot.
    2. if you really want to know what hot means go to:

  78. Bill

    Who are the entertainment industry’s current beauties? Kirsten Dunst? You guys know nothing.

  79. chris

    to name a few,jessica alba, paz vega, angie harmon, sophie marceau, monica belluci, salma hayek, penelope cruz…

  80. Penelope Cruz and Angie Harmon are both kinda funny looking. Of course, opinions are like assholes…

  81. cathy

    wow!! whats going on here??
    does anybody know whats the name of the actor in the 7up commercial? is he canadian?

  82. Cathy – Could you please post that question to the forum? You’re more likely to get an answer over there.

  83. ury

    Can anyone tell me who is girl who appears in the Nestlé Fitness Cereals tv ad?

  84. Well, Ury, I was going to ask that you post this question over at… but you just did. Thanks!

  85. stanley spadowski

    who knows this girl she is in the baileys commercial(opens her mouth on couch, guy pours baileys in), leon’s(talking with another couple), lays(she has lotsa makeup on, places chips near a sunny window) . she is HOTTT! and DEFINIETLY NOT natalie brown, i think her name is genevieve but im not sure, she kinda loks french.

  86. J. Moses

    Does anyone know if the woman who appears in the recent “Miracle Grow” ad is the same one that appears in the few “KY warming lotion” ads. She is pretty, and has longer brown hair in the MG ad than in the previous KY ads where she had more shoulder length hair. Thanks

  87. tonygeorge

    I also want to find out the women on the ky jelly warm to the touch commercial.
    She was also in a commercial about window coverings or mini blinds or something, and a few more I can’t think of now.

  88. mchildress

    The woman in the K-Y Jelly ad is Erica Shaffer. She also did an infomercial with Barry (Greg Brady) williams for a time life 70s music compilation.
    She is way beyond hot!

  89. David

    The girl in the Rolo ice cream ads is Jennifer Baxter. I was looking and found this site…without an answer.

  90. Paula

    Does anyone know the name of the guy in the Comfort Suites commerical, it runs on Fox News, he was also in one of the Progessive commericals. Or is there is any website I can go to find out that info let me know

  91. dervish

    does any1 know the name of the song in the nestle drumstick commercial? its driving me crazy! thanx! =P

  92. I can’t find any hint of what the song from the Drumstick ad is. The best I could do was an (inconclusive) discussion of it over at AdTunes.

  93. toh

    does anyone know who the girl is in the special k commercial where she turns her dress around and around as she loses weight?

  94. JetBlackRide

    For Breanne …. thinking she is cool ripping out Natalie Brown this is for you……don’t think she is 40 and if she is she has taken care of her spirit and body. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen her in real life…but I have. I have worked with her in film and she’s actually quite attractive and sexy. Very polite and curtious. Maybe before you open your mouth you should think to yourself ….hmm is this is a lie? and will it really make me feel better about myself? thats about all I have to say. oh maybe this… if someone looks bad in a commercial it may not always be there fault it could be poor filmaking skills or lighting.

  95. mr. big

    Regarding Natalie B; I have seen her in person and she is a Okay… I always see her in clubs almost 4 to 5 nights a week dancing her ass off !!! with makeup running all over her face… I need to say that she NOT a good actress. She is pretty nice after having a few drinks.Thanks

  96. Adam

    Does anybody know the name of the bartender in the Baileys commercial?

  97. ambercestmoi

    RE: Natalie Brown – I usually don’t feel the need to defend people, and I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. but to say that she’s ugly…give me break – when is the last time you had your eyes checked?? LOL. Natalie is actually a very beautiful in person, inside and out, and a NATURAL one at that- no fake tits or lips like the other “beauties” in the industry. And YES I am a friend. The longevity of her sucess in the entertainment business (remember the Heinz ketcup commercial with the three girls in the diner- she was the one who caught the bottle) is due entirely to the fact that she’s smart, ambitious, affable, the opposite of conceited and works her ass off. It’s too bad some people have such a narrow view of what it means to be “hot”.

  98. Greg

    Natalie brown is definately NOT a good actress nor by any means Beautiful… I am so glad to take a break from her and her played FAKE smile not to mention her ridiculous curls… LOL… LOL…LOL….LOL….LOL…

  99. Paul

    Does anyone know the name of the actress in the Ford commercial who is sitting down at the reception desk when the interviewee checks in?

  100. Jay

    Does anyone know where I can get a picture of the African American actress in the Special K commercial? She’s the one that is in the mirror, trying on a pair of jeans and realizes that they are too big. She leaves the dressing room in short-shorts and finds a slimmer pair of jeans to try on. I LOVE her hair!

  101. Tina

    Does anyone knows the name of the dude with dirty blonde hair in tic tac commercial-the 1 with rollercoaster????????????????? Damn I like him!!!!

  102. Deena

    Erica Schaffer (Miracle Gro and K-Y warming touch jelly commercials) was also in an award winning movie called “A Family Affair” in either 2001 or 2002. She played the femme in a lesbian dating/relationship/marriage movie.

  103. Miracle Gro and K-Y and a girl-on-girl movie? That’s an interesting combination.

  104. Terri

    Does anyone know who the boy is in the Cheerios commercial who has 6 weeks to complete his school project while his dad has 6 weeks to lower his chlosterol by eating Cheerios?

  105. Terri – You should ask that same question over at

  106. GreenDragon

    Does anyone here know the name of the actor in the Lotrimin Unltra ad? The one where he’s talking about Athletes Foot with one foot in a football shoe and the other in a dress shoe. Please, anyone?

  107. Riot Actor

    Yes GreenDragon I know him very well. What would you like to know?

  108. GreenDragon

    Riot Actor, I would like to know whatever you have about him. Name, statistics, married or not, etc. etc. If this info will not violate any site rules, of course. Basically, anything and everything available. Thnx :)

  109. Abomb


    I went to HS in Poughkeepsie NY with a kid named Jaime…and Im pretty sure his last name was Kennedy. He went to NYC to become an actor and Im fairly confident that Lotrimin actor is. The same guy.

  110. animalnurse

    Does anyone know who the girl in the Special K mixed drink commercial is? She’s looking through the candy store window, looks like she could be related to jessica alba?

  111. GreenDragon

    Not to discount your memory, but the only Jaime Kennedy I can think of is the annoying little freak from “The Jaime Kennedy Experience”. Or is that a different spelling? Anyways, thanx. I’ll look up the name on IMDB and let you know if you are right. In the mean time, if anyone has ANY information on this HOT number, please let me know. Again, THNX.

  112. GreenDragon

    Riot Actor, If I offended you with my request, I am very sorry. If, by chance, you knoe of where I can get pics of him, or if he has a website, I would be very appreciative. :)

  113. *****

    Does anyone know who’s the guy in tic tac commercial?
    tnx guys, i cnt find it
    anyways the guys rops tic tac out and a girl catches it

  114. Stef

    Who is that guy in the taco bell commercial where they are in the elevator? it has been running lately and there is something oddly familiar about him. He’s like the main one in the commercial.

  115. Dee

    All of the negative, sometimes mean comments made about Natalie Brown say more about you than they do about her.

  116. Tim Kentel

    Do you know who the woman in the Twix commercial is where it’s she, her husband, and her husband’s friend – the two guys are reading a book on something like “How To Score A Woman” and then his wife appears and asks “What are you reading?” Then, there’s a pause, then he criticizes his friend for reading it, and the woman sighs in relief.

    There’s also another commercial with the woman and her husband – he comes in from being out all night, and she’s in bed sleeping and awakes and asks “Are you just getting in” and he says he’s just getting up for work.

  117. antiquegirl

    Can someone tell me who is the actor playing the father on a McDonald’s commercial where he’s in a restaurant with his young daughter? She asks him if he’d prefer to have had a son. This actor is very familiar and I think he used to be in a night-time series. Thanks.

  118. officedrudge

    Who is the tall black actor with a neat little goatee, spiffy business suit, no glasses, playing a corporate type in the current MacDonald’s Snack Wrap commercial? Have we seen him in an episode of Boston Legal?

  119. Wolverine

    Does anyone know if the grandfather on the Oatmeal Crisp ads is the same guy on the TD Trust Bank “Grumpy Old Men” commercials. Who is he or are they?

  120. JJ

    Does anyone know who the African American Father is in the new Mcdonalds commercial? He’s with a little girl(daughter) who is asking him questions…
    Little girl: Daddy why do you buy flowers?(something like that)
    Father: Because it makes mommy happy.
    Little girl: Daddy why do you take me to mcdonalds?
    Father: Because it makes you happy.
    Little Girl: Daddy what makes you happy?
    Father: Making my girls happy.

    Can someone please help me out here. Thanks so much!

  121. Sydney

    Who thinc that Natalie Brown is a ugle actress can go on a hall!!!
    Fuck oll that people who say that!!!
    Y like Natalie Brown and she is a verry ho women!!!

  122. antiquegirl

    Sydney – WOW! Illiterate much?

  123. Natalie

    Well!~Y like Natalie Brown!She is a verry good actress and y love her!
    And who don’t like her can go ao a hall!Fuck oll that people who don’t like her!

  124. dylan

    who is the child actor in the VW Routan commercial?

  125. shelly

    Hello all!

    Who is the actor on the motorcycle in the McDonalds commercial. The guys that gets rained on. I noticed he is also in Fast and Furious working under a car when vindiesel pulls him out

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