Steroids in baseball

Eric Olsen of Tres Producers (and I’ve been meaning to ask, what happened to uno and dos producers? Was there some sort of Stalinesque putsch?) comments smartly on the admission of steroid use by Ken Caminiti. At the end Olsen calls for the feds to step in:

Maybe we need a good long work stoppage AND CONGRESSIONAL ACTION for baseball to finally get its manure compressed. It’s just sick right now on about five different levels.

I’m torn on this question. I’m for the legalization of drugs, sure, but that doesn’t mean that I want all my athletic heroes juiced. A competition based on physical skills and acuity is fun to watch, but watching doctors compete to build the largest domestic abuser would be as boring as Lucasian dialogue.

But are steroids really as helpful as people think? Rolling Stone (no archives, no link) published an article on legal supplements like androstenedione in February that I think applies here. Steroids won’t turn a couch potato into an athlete. They allow athletes to work out harder and longer than they could otherwise. Weight-lifting is necessary to get the process started, anabolic steroids allow muscle tissue to grow and repair itself faster than normal. So it’s not as if pharmathletes are cutting corners or being lazy, they are just trying to improve at their sport by any means necessary. Well, those on ‘roids anyway. EPO, blood doping, diuretics: these are signs of slovenliness and bad breeding.

On the other hand, I don’t think the core market for steroids quite comprehends the consequences of steroid use. Most male teenagers and early tweenagers can’t even comtemplate being twenty-five, much less connect their steroid use with the possibility of some chronic, debilitating condition ten years down the road. Oh Jebus, I sound like a creep saying this, but that is a problem that parents should address.

Back to the original question. I agree that Congress should take action against baseball, but not to force baseball to ban steroids. Let the marketplace (and the sight of crippled former baseball players coming to a retirement community near you) take care of that. Congress needs to cancel baseball’s antitrust exemption and then get out of the way.

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  1. mike (producer dos)

    No putsch, Eric just posts way more than Marty (who is busy with the whole Heineken thing) and I’m busy, um, producing things (working on the new Elliptical record and a remix workshop)…

  2. Dawn

    Olsen – not Olson

  3. Fixed. I’d hate to be on Eric’s bad side when the next blogger purge occurs.

    Producing… a likely story.

  4. Jack Frost

    I believe that the major leaugers using steroids make themselves look bi and feel strong but when they are caught when testing starts…thier ego will take a big hit.


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