I wash my balls in ice water!

The coolest episode of The Sopranos ever. Pauly, he of the perfectly slick-backed hair, becomes unhinged. The girlfriend that Tony met in therapy becomes unhinged (imagine that). The movie references, to Fargo (the snow) and Hoffa (the deer killed with a handgun). Directed by Steve Buscemi, who was stabbed in the neck in my home state, North Carolina. Oh, you don’t know that story? Good, I can embellish it as much as I want. Evidently, Steve and Vince Vaughn were hitting on women in a honky-tonk bar near Wilmington. The girl’s boyfriend wasn’t impressed with their stardom, and started stabbing Steve. Great stuff.

The only annoying thing is that we don’t know what happened to the Russian commando yet, and we’ll have to wait until at least August to find out. When the season three finale came on, I was expecting some closure. Instead, that invincible alchoholic is still out there.

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