Gay baseball players

Sports radio out here in Denver has been all atwitter with the news that Mike Piazza had to deny that he was gay. Almost everyone seems to agree that, “Baseball isn’t ready for an openly gay player.” Was baseball ready for Jackie Robinson? If the game had been ready there would have been no abuse to overcome, no dignity shown in the face of ridicule, no public displays of friendship by white teammates. And everyone would remember Jackie Robinson for his batting average rather than for breaking the color barrier.

Baseball won’t be ready for an out homosexual player until long after the first player admits it. My personal prediction is that right now a young man is telling his buds on the high school team that he is gay, and when he hits the major leagues in a few years it won’t be as big a deal.

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  1. Glenn Glass

    I’m thinking it’s Robby Alomar that’s gay. Using Mary Pierce as the “girlfriend” to subtantiate your heterosexuality is akin to dating Ellen DeGeneris.

    But if 10% of MPB is gay, mirroring the demographics of the general population, then there are enough players to field their own team. Except they’d all be playing for the other team. That’s it! The Other Team!, that or the Key West Catchers, if you read my meaning.

    Would Astroglide replace Pine Tar as treatment for the bats? Inquiring minds……

  2. Oooh, you’re right. Mary Pierce is a beard if I ever met one.


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